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Pots UniPak - Transparent (31 products)
Pots Packo - White (11 products)
Pots Pot - White (6 products)


The plastic pots of the PB Packaging range are usable for a wide scale of applications, from food to soil science examinations. The volumes range from 120 ml to 2500 ml making these pots perfectly usable for smaller and bigger amounts. The range exists in 2 forms: cylindrical and rectangular. Besides these, there are also pots with grip available. The lids are separately available, except for the white pots PB-P500, PB-P1000 and PB-P1800. These 3 models, from the series ‘POT’ are delivered with lid. The pots are food safe and don't leak. The PB Packaging pots range exists out of 3 series: Unipak, Packo and Pot, each with its specific characteristics and applications.

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- Different measurements
- Different versions
- Lids separately available (Except PB-P500, PB-P1000 and PB-P1800)

Suitable for:
- Food (fresh meals, soups, …)
- Pharmacie, medical analysis and chemics
- Powders
- Soil science (sampling, …)
- Archeological examinations
- Universal use in production, selling, analysis,…
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